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100% Handmade Copper Water Bottle (Limited Edition)
Carefully wrapped in a heat sealed printed cover
#4130 (once sold out, its gone)

Copper is a natural conductor.
- These bottles will keep your drinks warmer for longer.
- It's also great to keep liquids cool when cold is applied to the surface of the bottle.

All our copper items are from the highest grade of copper
- All are food grade approved.

(Do not use these glasses to heat up your drinks.
- Instead put your hot liquids in them)

All items are coated with an extra silicon polish to create better shine

Our body does not make copper
Research shows that drinking from copper can have health benefits
It can:
- Slow down aging
- Kill bacteria
- Improve your digestive system
- Strengthen your immune system
- Help with weight loss
- Help straighten hair
- Promote healthy skin

- Do not put into dish-washer
Rather use soap and water to hand them

Copper can tarnish in time with use
- Use salt, vinegar and water to remove copper oxidation
(Or leave them as is if you prefer the tarnished look!)

Handmade with love from India

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